A Sustainable Family Farm

About Us

Gordon Farms, Inc. is a sustainable grass fed beef and hay farm located in Knox, NY on the western edge of Albany County.  Alexander “Sandy” Gordon founded the farm in 1983 with his wife.  The farm started off producing an annual hay crop that was sold through Sandy’s former hay dealership, Gordon Hay and Straw Company, Inc.  A few years later the Gordons purchased two beef Hereford heifers (named Sally and Gina by Sandy’s two daughters), and began their family venture into the grass fed beef industry.  Today, Gordon Farms is home to about 50 - 70 grass fed Angus-Hereford beef cows (depending on the time of year), and harvests about 15 head a year. 

Conservation, sustainability and stewardship are key concepts on the Gordon Farm.  The farm is an active participant in New York State’s Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) Program.  We have implemented multiple conservation practices to ensure the sustainability of our farm and natural resources into the future including rotational grazing, nutrient management, barnyard runoff management, erosion control, and the installation of a geothermal watering system for the cows.

Here, at Gordon Farms, we are committed to offering our customers a sustainable and healthy product.  Our beef is hormone and anti-biotic free, and 100% grass fed (the way it should be)!  Likewise, our hay is pesticide free, and sustainably managed.  When you buy from Gordon Farms, you can be assured you are getting the best products on the market!

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